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Oh beautiful friend. Where do I start? Kristin and I have been friends since we thought boys had cooties.. and now she’s married and welcoming her first baby in less than 2 months! Kristin and I met in Mrs. Dufresne’s third grade class and have been friends ever since. We conquered elementary school, stuck by each other through those awkward middle school years, and flourished in high school. And then suddenly, I blinked, and Kristin was engaged! I was so honored to be asked to be part of their special day.

Fast forward three years. It was July 2016 and I was on a cruise in the Bahamas with my family. I decided that since I’m attached to my phone and my computer when I’m home, I was going to take advantage of not having service (and save the money that I’d spend on a wifi plan!) and have a week with my family completely unplugged. No social media, no contact with the world outside of the ship. Well, my dad couldn’t go without a wifi plan. (And now I’m so glad!) We’re standing in the casino one night and as he’s scrolling through Facebook, he sees the post. He turns to me and says “I know you want to be unplugged, but I think you’ll want to see this.” He turns the phone towards me and shows me Kristin’s post.. announcing Baby Girl Patterson. (Side note – I’m literally getting chills writing this right now.) I don’t think I have ever jumped so high and screamed so loud in my life. I was wearing a dress and I’m pretty sure I probably flashed the entire casino from jumping so much. I immediately started crying the happiest of tears and couldn’t wait to get home so I could call my friend.

Kristin, it still feels so surreal to me that you are going to a mom SO SOON! I am beyond humbled and honored that I was able to capture these beautiful memories for you and Justin. Thank you both so much for including me in this adventure and reminding me why I do what I do. I hope you love these maternity photos as much as I do. You guys are going to be amazing parents!

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